Tarrytown, NY. October 30, 2013.


Worldwide Capital Advisory Partners, LLC   (“WCAP”) is pleased to welcome Ralph Rafaniello to its Senior Team. Mr. Rafaniello served as a former Executive Vice President of the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) from 2002 to 2005. His primary responsibilities included all aspects of the operations of the trading floor. While at the AMEX, his 40 year career included positions in the Market Operations and Trading Floor Systems Division as well as the Systems/Operations Planning Division.

During his time at the AMEX, Mr. Rafaniello was responsible for the strategic development and operation of all trade execution technology. He led the planning and budgeting of large scale initiatives, including modernization of the trading floor, development of the IDC System for trade matching, and a complete replacement of the trading floor’s telecommunication infrastructure. He also led the initiatives to bring several innovative trading systems to the trading floor as well as the installation of a fully operational disaster recovery trading site.

He is a graduate of Brooklyn College where he earned both his B.S. and M.S. in Education.

Salvatore F. Sodano, Chairman and CEO of WCAP said, “I have worked with Ralph Rafaniello for many years at the AMEX and he is one of the best people on Wall Street in managing sophisticated daily operations and technology environments. He has successfully handled numerous high profile and mission critical installations. I am proud to have Ralph as part of our team.”


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