Exchange Traded Funds

As Chairman & CEO of the American Stock Exchange (Amex), Salvatore F. Sodano was instrumental in the successful marketing and trading of a range of ETFs, pioneered and designed by a professional and talented ETF team. The team developed some of the leading ETFs today including QQQs, Select SPDRs, iShares and Vanguard Vipers.

The American Stock Exchange, and Salvatore F. Sodano as its leader, were featured in a front page, top of the fold article in the Wall Street Journal, dated February 22, 2000, titled “The Amex Is Back, Thanks To A Tradable Variety of Index Mutual Funds.” The article went on the say “Big Comeback. To have come this far, the Amex has pulled off one of the more impressive makeovers in the history of Wall Street.” It went on to say “The Amex was the innovator and globally recognized leader and home of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).”

Our senior team member in charge of ETFs is Larry Larkin. Larry worked at the Amex with Salvatore F. Sodano and successfully created an ETF business that included the development of the first cross border trading of ETFs in joint ventures with European and Asian stock exchanges. Several members of the same core team are available to assist Larry at WCAP. Together, their knowledge and experience spans the complete spectrum of ETF space – from design, development, marketing, risk management, legal, regulatory compliance to trading. Larry’s strong reputation to manage teams can deliver and execute complex projects with diligence and quality. His prior experience includes 20 years at Goldman Sachs in the area of derivatives.