Date : September 18, 2003

Amsterdam –  The American Stock Exchange (Amex), the global leader and pioneer in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Euronext, a European leader in ETFs, announced the trading of Diamonds on the NextTrack product segment of Euronext Amsterdam starting tomorrow.
The launch of Diamonds on Euronext Amsterdam will provide investors with the opportunity to invest in the product when U.S. markets are closed. It will also introduce new arbitrage opportunities for professional investors and provide Euronext retail investors access to one of the most successful ETFs in the world, while expanding the range and availability of ETFs listed on Euronext markets.

Salvatore F. Sodano, American Stock Exchange chairman and chief executive officer, said, “The launch of the Diamonds in Europe solidifies the Amex’s reputation as a pioneer in the ETF segment. Our partnership with Euronext will result in a broadening of investment choices for European investors in the fast growing ETF industry, and will help lead the way for further cross-Atlantic cooperation in the capital markets.”

The Diamonds Trust, Series 1, a U.S. unit investment trust based on the Dow Jones Industrial AverageSM index (DJIA®), is one of the best-known stock indices in the world. Diamonds are one of the most heavily traded ETFs in the United States, with 5 to 7 million shares traded daily, representing between $400 to $550 million a day (approx. EUR 432 to 594 million). The Trust’s assets are currently valued at approximately $ 5 billion (approx. EUR 5.4 billion).

George Möller, chief operating officer of Euronext, said, “Euronext is proud and pleased to announce its cooperation with the American Stock Exchange, which allows the cross listing of this very successful ETF and brings this U.S. product closer to European investors.”