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Salvatore Sodano sharing his views on NASDAQ-100 ETF with CNNfn – Part 2

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American Stock Exchange Chairman & CEO Salvatore F. Sodano on ETF Growth and Popularity

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The Dodd-Frank Bill: One and a Half Years Later

A new report, The Dodd-Frank Bill, a Year and a Half Later: Views from the Hedge Fund Industry was issued by the Frank G. Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University in conjunction with accounting and advisory firm EisnerAmper LLP. Learn more about the key findings from Anoop Rai, Professor […]

AMEX Chairman Salvatore F. Sodano discusses New Options Market Technology

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Online MBA Program: Anoop Rai

Learn more about the Online MBA program at Hofstra University from Professor Anoop Rai from the Frank G. Zarb School of Business.

Salvatore Sodano on financial market risks and returns

Salvatore Sodano, former Chairman and CEO of the American Stock Exchange and Vice Chairman of the NASD, discusses the state of the current financial market and provides insightful perspectives as a wall street executive and university professor.

The Causes and Effects of the Financial Bailout

Starting Off the Conference on the Causes and Effects of the Financial Bailout.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Conference on International Financial Reporting Standards – Wayne Kolins speaking on Implementation of progress by US companies.

Challenges For Financial Market

Mr. Sodano talked about the stability of the nation’s financial markets following terrorist attacks on the U.S. and the financial collapse of the Enron corporation. Following his remarks he answered questions ..