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New EU Regulations – Paving the Way for the United States of Europe?

The recent financial crisis in Europe has highlighted systematic shortcomings in the architecture of the European economic and monetary union. Several governments and private banks borrowed excessively to finance growth that ultimately proved difficult to sustain as the implosion of the real estate markets in the U.S. led to a […]

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Three of Nine GSIIs (Global Systemically Important Insurers) are American

On July 18, 2103, the G-20’s Financial Stability Board (FSB) released the list of global systemically important insurers (GSIIs). The designation classifies them as sufficiently large and interconnected to potentially create systemic failures of firms across the globe if any one of them were to default. Three of the nine […]

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Corporate donations: Generosity is often part altruism, part goodwill hunting

They help people. They help the community. They raise the visibility of companies and build customer and employee loyalty. Sounds too good to be true. Gotta cost money. Yes, it does. But executives tend to agree that corporate donations are money well spent. Corporate giving jumped “enormously” last year nationally, […]

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AMEX Willing to Cooperate with SSE.

Salvatore F. Sodano, CEO of AMEX expressed at an interview that AMEX is willing to cooperate with Shanghai Stock Excahnge (SSE) to realize cross-listing of stocks on the two markets when conditions are matured. Sodano said the coalition between stock exchanges worldwide in the future is more likely to adopt […]

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