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Worldwide Capital Advisory Partners LLC  is a global research, analysis and advisory firm with presence in United States, Europe and Asia. Our three core practices areas are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Management Consulting and Corporate Advisory Services, Global Business Research and Advisory Services. Our team has experience working with some of the largest institutions in the world including the American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Goldman Sachs, World Bank, IMF, Citibank. BNY Mellon, Bankers Trust, Fannie Mae and the Bank for International Settlements (Basel), among others.

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Founding Partners

Salvatore F. Sodano – Chairman & CEO

Salvatore F. Sodano

  • Sorin Distinguished Teaching Fellow, Hofstra University
  • Former Chairman and CEO, American Stock Exchange
  • Former Vice-Chairman of the Board, NASD

Anoop Rai, Ph.D – President

Anoop Rai

  • Professor of Finance at Hofstra University
  • Former Director, Center For International Financial Services and Markets

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